Does BMTC need to upgrade their bus services to electric buses?


As the price of diesel and petrol is already making a century or near to 100, now we need a change. When the price of diesel and petrol increases, it affects all lifestyles. Which is directly or indirectly connected to it. In this post, we will focus on a few points: is there any need … Read more

Bmtc Bangalore to Mysore distance | Bus | train | flight timings


Are you looking for Bangalore to Mysore distance to book a cab, bus, or train tickets? Don’t worry; in this post, I will provide you with the four best ways to travel from Bangalore to Mysore. Bangalore, which is known as the silicon valley of the country, is the best place to explore. Bangalore is … Read more

Fare of Bmtc bus rises due to Petrol makes its first century.

Fare of Bmtc bus rises

On February 25 2021, the deputy chief minister of Karnataka has announced a statement that there could be a hike in Bmtc bus fare in the coming days. According to the Laxman savadi, the bmtc bus fare has not increased from the last few years. The main cause for inflation is the 2020 covid issue. … Read more

BMTC Student Bus Pass Online Application Status 2021 – Click Here

BMTC Student Bus Pass Online Application

As per the news from the government most of the colleges are reopening, so BMTC Bangalore Metropolitan transport Corporation I started issuing BMTC Student Bus Pass Online Application 2021 to all the students. The important thing is that the government of Bangalore decided that in the coming year students can travel from their residence to … Read more

Bmtc Bus Pass Renewal And Appointment Process In 2021

Bmtc Bus Pass Renewal

Bmtc Bus Pass Renewal process will guide you to do bmtc monthly pass renewal in 2021 and help you get your bmtc appointment for a bus pass in a straightforward way. Every daily passenger will come close to pass expiry date and need to renew their bus pass. Fortunately, there are several alternatives to renew … Read more

BMTC Airport Bus Timings | Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation 2021

BMTC Airport Bus Timings

As Per Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) latest updates, Govt. decided to change or update the airport bus timings for BMTC buses 2021. BMTC is one of the largest government bus services provider in the southern part of the country. It connects the entire state of Karnataka with a vast bus services network.  As we all know, … Read more