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How to Renew Apsrtc Bus Pass, Complete renewal process 2023

So, your bus pass is expired or lost, and now you are thinking of renewing apsrtc bus pass. No auto-renewal option is available to renew the APSRTC bus pass in 2023. We wish we could get it, but at present, you have to do it manually. 

The manual renewal process requires additional human resources to process your request. To cut this back, many organisations shifted to automate their renewal process online, But in Apsrtc's case, manual processes are still in operation.

If you need to learn how to renew apsrtc bus pass online, we will guide you in the best way with minimal steps.

The renewal process is only available for people with a bus pass; the rest will have to apply through fresh registration.

Apsrtc Bus Pass Renewal Process

Only a current bus pass holder can renew their annual subscriptions. To renew your bus pass, you have first to check its validity or when your pass expires. If it says expires then you have to follow the process:

Step 1

To renew your bus pass, access the official website https://online.apsrtcpass.in/ and login into your account.

Step 2

Click on the second option, "Click here for last academic year (2022-2023)".

Step 3

It will redirect you to the renewal page, where you will get an already registered search form.

Step 4

Select the desired option from the list to verify your genuinely. You can choose from

  • Previous Id Card Number ( 2022-2023 ) 
  • Online Registered Id ( 2022-2023 ) 
  • Mobile Number 
  • Name 
  • Aadhar Number 
  • Email Id

Step 5

Enter your information along with your date of birth and click on Submit Button.

Step 6

At Last, it will again display your information as a confirmation call; check it carefully and click on the Ok button.

If you need any additional help, comment below, Bmtc bus pass will be happy to help you.

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