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Does BMTC need to upgrade their bus services to electric buses?

As the price of diesel and petrol is already making a century or near to 100, now we need a change. When the price of diesel and petrol increases, it affects all lifestyles. Which is directly or indirectly connected to it.

In this post, we will focus on a few points: is there any need to upgrade to electric buses. What are the benefits for the passengers? Does it affect the bmtc bus fare and many more?

In terms of electric buses, Chandigarh is the best example. All the buses in Chandigarh are running on CNG, including AC buses and NoN AC buses. 

We all know that Chandigarh is a planned city, and everything is appropriately construstruted. But the management is still being managed by the government of Haryana and Punjab. 

Similarly, The government of Karnataka state also focuses on the bus services in their region. Electric buses or vehicles are the future of transportation in the coming years. Let us find what an electric bus is and how it is designed?

What is an electric Bus?

What is an electric Bus?

As the name suggests, the bus that operates and runs through electricity or electric energy is termed an electric bus. Through the implementation of electric buses, we can save a lot of energy, fuel and money. 

In many other countries, they have already opted for the electric way of transportation. I remember a video on youtube that a person is sharing their experiences to run an electric truck. 

They have to drive a vehicle in a particular electric lane. Just like a train is running through a lane of electricity similarly, electric trucks are also running with the same phenomenon but on roads.

Another way to express an electric bus is it is a type of bus that uses electrical energy to supply power to the engines that run the bus. 

All the components on the bus are run either by electric supply or through the solar panel. No external fuel is needed to operate the bus. 

Benefits from BMTC electric bus

Benefits from BMTC electric bus

In the field of automobile, petrol engine and diesel engine runs for a long time. But now it is time for a change, from tesla to Mahindra all the motor company is shifting to electric vehicles due to a remarkable achievement in battery technology. 

Every year motor companies are launching their best electric models in the market, but only a few of them have been successful. From this, we can expect a vast market of running electric cars in future. 

Below I have shared some points why you need to upgrade to electric cars or bike cycles. And what changes need to improve for daily use.

There are plenty of benefits of using electric buses; it saves fuel consumption and improves air pollution. It saves money for daily passengers. 

  1. An electric bus can be the best way to travel from home to the office conveniently. The maintenance and operating cost of an electric bus are relatively low as compared to a regular bmtc bus
  2. The life of a battery is long-lasting, and we can charge it through solar panels, which result in no cost transport.
  3. The cost and maintenance of a battery are less than an operating fuel vehicle. 
  4. The electric buses are more efficient and run for a long time without heating and noise problems. It is relatively light as compared to regular fuel-efficient buses.
  5. The battery used in the vehicle is the same that we use in our homes that is lithium batteries in a sealed package.
  6. There is no gearbox available in the vehicle, meaning you don't require additional engine oil or gear oil for your vehicle.
  7. It can produce maximum torque within a few seconds. It can reach 0- 60 miles in only 1.9 seconds which is not achievable by fuel motor vehicles.

The disadvantage of electric bus

It is quite challenging to find any cons in a good thing. Still, I have recognised some of the points in which the manufacturer has to work on it. 

The young generation doesn't want to wait for long to get anything; similarly, if we talk about the charging time required to charge a vehicle is a lot.

The companies have to figure out how they can reduce the charging time to make it better for daily usage.

Some of the other problems I have found is:

  • The energy level of lithium batteries is very poor.
  • Required minimum of 1 hour of charging time.

Electric bus price in India

The cost of electric buses in India varies from 4 lakhs to 1 crore. You have seen the correct figure as the electric bus starts from the four-seaters to a full-fledged 12-meter long bus.

Currently, there are the two most known manufacturer of Electric bus in India that is:

  • Tata electric bus 
  • Ashok Leyland electric bus

The sightseeing electric bus is starting from 4 lakhs ₹ for six seaters. It can run at a maximum speed of 40Km/hr and only take 4-6hrs for battery charging time.

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