BMTC Helpline Number Bangalore - Check Bus Running Status Here

Hi guys, If you are looking for a toll-free BMTC Helpline Number Bangalore or if you want to know Bmtc Buses' status is running today or not. Then, I will help you to get the helpline number of bmtc.

In this post, I have shared some of the useful information regarding the bus service in Karnataka. Due to a going crisis in the World, many of the services are down.

Similarly, the bus service in the Karnataka region is also suffering. According to the Government of Karnataka, the bus service will be operational from 17 May 2021.

BMTC Helpline

In this modern, smart lifestyle, is there any need for a helpline? As per my point of view, the helpline is equally important for an organization as a product.

BMTC Helpline contains more information than the information available on the entire website. Through the Helpline number, users or visitors can get the right information in a minimal time.

Here is some topic on which you can get information through a helpline.

  • Confirm bus timing.
  • The exact location of the bus.
  • Several buses are in operation.
  • Bmtc airport bus timings
  • First and the last bus from the depot.
  • Ticket fare
  • BMTC bus route

Bmtc Buses are running today in Bangalore.

As per the latest news on Bangalore Mirror, The bus service runs in Bangalore but only for renting purposes. If you are from the among dept like ferry people, pharma, hospital, Companies (IT & others), only you can benefit from this.

All this system works on a contract basis only for the companies who provide essential services across the city. According to the India Times report, the companies already rented approx 100 buses in the last week.

The demand for the rented buses are going up day by day as lockdown is extending for a couple of weeks. Suppose we talk about the rent, the govt. It is charging 8000 per day for a single bus along with the staff members.

All the services are available online today, Like BMTC Bus pass or pass renewal still. Here comes another question.

Will Bmtc Buses run tomorrow 2022?

No, Bmtc buses are only available for Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike and a few pharmaceutical firms to provide services in the city.

The Govt. already looking for alternative methods to contact Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL). As the Namma Metro civil construction on six lines of Phase II Network is affecting, 9000 laborers have to migrate for the site.

As and when the crisis is controlled, the BMTC will look for the options to rent more buses. Six thousand buses are already stored at the depot since the lockdown declared on 23 March.

BMTC Toll-free number

The rented buses are also available for Call centers, govt offices, and others with a few conditions. As per the managing director, C Shikha 100 buses are running daily.

In some situations, you need to contact the travel department for any information. You can contact them at BMTC Toll-free number that is 1800 425 1663.

Some of the conditions are maximum of 20 staff members are allowed at a time on a bus. The staff must have two things with them:

  • Face Mask
  • Sanitizer

Only then are they allowed to use the BMTC bus service. No public person is allowed to enter the bus, even fulfilling the conditions.

You have an option to take permission from the govt, and justify your genuine reason for the bus transport. Then only you are allowed to travel on a bus.

You can visit the official website there they have mentioned everything in detail and make contract-based requests to book buses.

BMTC Helpline Number Bangalore

If you want to check the bmtc bus timings, you can contact the bmtc helpline number in Bangalore.

The BMTC Helpline is an essential free resource for Bangalore citizens experiencing a delay in bus services. Earlier, customer service numbers remain so busy that it is challenging to resolve customer queries. 

Today, bmtc customer service has changed a lot. Now, there are multiple staff always ready to assist you 24*7. And the right information from the bmtc helpline can save you a lot of time and effort.

To get any information, call the bmtc helpline today on 080 22483777 as it won't charge you a single rupee.

How to Get Bmtc Toll-Free Helpline Number

There are several websites available on the internet having numerous information. Here, we always provide genuinely and the best information to our users.

BMTC Central Office,
K H Road,
Bangalore - 560027.
Helpline Number: 080 22483777
Google Map: Click Here

The information provided above is last updated on 08-09-2020 at 10:30 AM by the Government of Karnataka. 

Apart from this, if you need any help with BMTC, you can visit the official website. There you can visit the contact us page, where you will get the response within 24hr.

Most Asked Questions

Q1: BMTC Helpline Number Bangalore

As per the updated information available on the official website, you can call directly on 08022483777. For more information, you can contact on below address.

BMTC Central Office,
K H Road,
Bangalore - 560027.
Helpline Number: 080 22483777
Google Map: Click Here

Q2: Are BMTC helpline number is free?

As per the new update in telecom company, all the transport government services contact numbers are Toll-free.

Q3: What is the timing of BMTC helpline?

You can contact on toll-free helpline number 08022483777 anytime 24x7, except national holiday.


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