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How to Apply BMTC Student Bus Pass Online Application Form in 2022

Hi guys, Today we are going to share our experience to apply for Bmtc Student bus pass. What are the steps you have to follow to submit an online application form in 2022? This post is more beneficial for school students and college students.

Bangalore which is known as a silicon valley of a country. Bangalore transportation consists of many inter-city commutes like buses, Namma metro, taxis and a very known transportation of 90's rickshaw.

BMTC (Bangalore metropolitan transport corporation) is a service that the government runs and provides public transport. It has the highest number of bus passengers daily in India. 

It is a part of (Karnataka State road transport corporation) KSRTC which operates in Bangalore region. Bangalore metropolitan transport corporation came in action in 1997 when it termed as a Bangalore transport service. After that, changed the name to BMTC and colour changed from red to blue and white. 

I don't know if you are aware of this or not. Still, India's most famous superstar Rajinikanth Sir started his career while working in Bangalore metropolitan transport corporation as a bus conductor. Now he is known as a superstar Rajinikanth, the famous actor of India.

Types of Buses According to their Colours

You may have seen many BMTC buses on the road, but all are in different colours. The regular buses as a colour combination of blue and white it. The newly launched buses as a colour combination of green.

The bases which are similar to the general but have a different route are available in red, green, white. Some of the buses are available in tricolour; these buses have low fare among them all.

There are also some of the premium buses run by BMTC like Pushpak, vajra, Vayu vajra. Pushpak bus is available in coffee colour and has high tech facilities like automatic doors and better infrastructure.

Vajra buses are used to provide services for IT firms. It is still used for a regular route in the same category there is a bus termed as Vayu Vajra, which operates only for airports and has additional display boards like below.

BMTC Bus Station

There are a total of 34 bus station under BMTC and three central stations such as

  • Kempegowda bus station, Majestic
  • KR Market
  • Shivaji Nagar

These are the three major bus stations. You will get a lot of surveys over here like you can create your smart card.

How To Make Bmtc Student Bus Pass?

A large of the population in our country is youth. In youth, there is more than 60% of youth are students. Therefore, bmtc student bus pass is essential from an educational point of view. Bmtc is a government Transport service provider that operates public, private or Volvo bus transport services in Bangalore.

It includes Government bus, Private bus and some of the Volvo bus which is generally served by Bangalore.

Bmtc Pass Online Registration

Bmtc Pass Online Registration

This is the most asked questions regarding the Bmtc bus pass Online Application. The answer to this question is yes you can apply for a student bus pass online.

For that, you have to visit the official website, and there you have to fill all the required details Like

  1. Name
  2. Contact Number
  3. Registration Number of School
  4. College or any Government recognized University
  5. Then you will get a confirmation on your number.

There is a slight change in the process that is somewhat special. Now you can make bmtc bus pass online by applying on the official website of BMTC.

There You will be able to get various options:

  • Bus pass online Application.
  • Bus pass online Application for Students
  • Apply for a Bus pass online for Senior Citizens
  • Apply for a bus pass online for Disabled person's.

How To Apply for Student Bus Pass?

If you are looking for a bus pass, you have to follow some of the steps to make your bus pass. My Bmtc bus pass is valid for a month, and you have to Renew your pass every month.

  • Visit Platform number-1 at the nearest BMTC bus stand.
  • Take an ID Application form from the Help desk and fill it clear fully.
  • After that, you have to submit the form to the other counter.
  • You have to give Rs 100 to get an ID card.
  • Then they will provide you with a blank ID card.
  • You have to fill all the required details.
  • After that paste your current Passport size photograph and Signed on the back of the card.
  • Now, you have to go to the same counter and submit the ID Card.
  • And finally, the officer will place an official stamp on the ID card and hurray.

Note: Once you received your New Bus pass, Visit the nearest Internet Cafe or the Lamination shop and Laminate your card. Now your Bus pass is ready to use.

Documents Require For Bmtc Bus Pass

Documents Require For Bmtc Bus Pass

To make a bus pass, you have to carry some of the documents, which should be original and self-attested(means you have to sign on both forms you will provide). You must bring one of the most important documents that are Adhaar card(if you want to make adhaar card click here )and along with that, you have to carry documents such as:

  1. Adhaar card (Updated and /birth date should be mention)
  2. Birth certificate (If you are a student)
  3. Current driving licence (If you are above 18 years)
  4. Current passport (additional document if you have you can provide that)
  5. Statement of entitlement to a pension (mandatory for the senior citizens)
  6. Age Proof (To prove your age above 60+ years)

These are the required Documents for a new bus pass. In case of renewal, you don't have to carry any documents you only have to take your expired pass.

Bmtc Bus Pass Appointment

The last date for the old pass is until the first week of July. Students who want to renew their BMTC smart card or want new Smart card are allowed until the first week of the month.

How to Change Bmtc Bus Pass Appointment online

For more information, you can visit the official website. The Drivers and the bus conductors have to arrive bus stand around 4:30 am early morning and report to their supervisor and regarding the buses start, the bus timing is around 5:00 am.

You will have to wait till 5:00 am, or if you visited early then, you would see a few buses over there. You can also check Online facility scheduling software to schedule your appointment according to you.

If you have any other questions, let me know in the comment section, and I will update it Later.

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