Bmtc Night Bus Service Timings | Charges | Routes - Complete Details

Travelling in Bangalore at night could be more expensive, and this is why cab, taxi drivers charge you more for a few km. There is minimal transportation available in Bangalore at night.

Bmtc Night Bus Service

If you want to travel on a budget, we have a Bmtc night bus service available from Kempegowda International Airport to Bangalore city and vice-versa.

Bmtc Night Bus Service is available from all the significant locations of the city. The primary origin of the bus at night is majestic, which reaches Bangalore airport. During the route, it stops on multiple stops like Kadugodi, Attibele, Electronics City, Chandapura, airport, Factory is significant stops. 

The frequency of buses at night is shallow because of fewer commuters. You have to wait for at least 1 hours for the following bmtc bus route

This is the leading cause why Taxi, cab, auto drivers charge more at night. With the bmtc night service, you can easily catch a bus from the significant stops, or you can plan your travel accordingly.

As per the latest updates, the government is planning to increase the number of buses for the night service. As many people use to take buses at night from the region like Yeshwanthpur, Yelahanka and Shivajinagar. 

Around 200+ buses are organised for the bmtc night bus service within the entire city. The drivers and conductor will be arranged as per their shift and will appoint few drivers for the complete night shift. 

The night shift of the driver will start around 10 pm and work till 3:30 am. Bangalore is planning to be the first city in the country to have many frequencies, even at night. 

Bmtc Night Bus Timetable


The bmtc night bus service will start from the majestic bus depot around 11:00 pm as per the information available online. The service will continue to run with a frequency of 15 minutes.

Bmtc night charges

The cost of a bmtc bus ticket at night is very high. You have to give 1.5 times the regular price. This is because there are near to no commuters at night after 10 pm. With the less number of passengers, the government has to run a service at a loss.

Bmtc Night Bus service routes

Bmtc Night Bus service routes

The only advantage of taking bus service at night is its route, and you will not get any traffic on the roads. Another thing is you will reach your destination on time or earlier than expected. 

You can use the bmtc bus service late at night from the central station majestic to many stops to international airports. The majestic depot's distance to the airport is the long-distance a bus will cover during the night. 

To get the exact location of the bus and the number of buses, you can download the mybmtc app on your device. Mybmtc app will show you the same time when the bus will reach your nearest stop. 

You can also check the complete bus route map in this app. This is a world of technology; the more you use it, the more you benefit from it.


Are BMTC buses available after 11:00 pm?

A few buses are available for night service; you can download the mybmtc app from the play store to get complete information.


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