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How to get Bmtc Monthly Bus Pass Online - Complete Information 2022

If you are a citizen of Bangalore then you must know about all the BMTC services. Today I am just going to share with you how you can make a BMTC monthly pass

The government of Karnataka has started the Online bus pass facility. They are enhance the Bus pass system, Honorable Chief Minister B.S.Yeddyurappa. said that around 20 - 25 lakh passes were made in 365 days. Among these passes, 10 - 15 lakh are Student bus passes.

After launching this service online, we will see the new figure within a few months. The best thing about this service is if someone's application form will be rejected. He will get all the information about the rejection through his registered mobile number or email address.

Significant changes are made from the last year to enhance the Bmtc transport facility system. New Application is being introduced for the people to track the bus from their smart device.

In the coming time, the government wants a smart card to be fully implemented for public transport by 2022.

BMTC Monthly Pass Details

BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) has been made online in the last year, and people benefit from it. This is the first time when a BMTC pass is available online.

It includes all route passes, Airport route, Bangalore to airport route, and the Bangalore city route. The Transport Minister said that the students have to get the document verified by the school principal for all the school going students.

On the other hand, document verification is mandatory in the Senior Citizen Pass as well. Only after that, the people are eligible for the next round; the entire pass system is brought online.

The Bmtc Monthly Bus pass in Bangalore are of different types such as blackboard pass, senior citizen, red board pass, Pushpak pass, vajra pass. These are the basic monthly passes available for the people of Bangalore.

We are going to discuss all bus passes in detail regarding the price, eligibility to make a pass and all the other aspects. If you are from Bangalore or if you travel a lot in Bangalore then this bus pass will be a good option for you.

Using this you can travel a lot or even you can travel unlimited in Bangalore for one calendar month that is one month or 30 days.

This pass will be purchased or generated on every first week of the month and there are a number of monthly passes available for different types of buses and the prices also vary according to the services.

Types of Bmtc monthly pass

This is the pass which is only available for the buses mentioned on the blackboard. Where the number of buses comes under this pass is from number (1 to 199). Which is valid for almost a month and it is not valid for Pushpak, c, d, g, k, etc and the cost for BMTC ordinary pass is 725 rupee.

Non-AC monthly pass

You can avail the service of non AC buses in Bangalore using this pass. In this pass, a person can travel in a non-ac bus for a month which is mentioned in blackboard and for all Pushpak buses for a month. This pass is valid for all the buses except Volvo or MarcoPolo. This non AC monthly pass is also known as Pushpak pass or Red board pass and the cost for this is rupee 925.

AC monthly pass

If you want to travel in AC buses then this pass is an option for you. This pass is generally used for the Volvo buses and it is also known as Volvo pass. Using this pass you can also travel in non AC buses and the price of Volvo monthly pass is rupee 1050 for a month and it is divided into three types of passes that are:

  • Volvo monthly pass with BMTC ID: 2250₹
  • Volvo monthly pass with government ID:  2300₹
  • Student Volvo monthly pass:  1500₹

Vajra Monthly pass

This is the most expensive pass of BMTC. That is the only reason you can also call it as king of Bus passes.  If you have a gold pass then you can travel unlimited in any of the buses run within Bangalore city including Volvo, Marcopolo, ordinary, Pushpak.

The Cost of vajra pass is 3350 which is valid for 1 month and this pass is further divide into two different passes like

  1. AC passes
  2. Non AC buses.

Bmtc monthly pass issue dates

The Bus pass that is created through online mode is processed very fast. All the documents required for a monthly pass are uploaded during the application form submission. Once the application form is submitted, a confirmation message is received on your registered mobile number.

You can see the Bmtc monthly pass issue date in the message, along with the appointment date and time. These passes are valid for only 30 days, which helps to use bus service across the state on a selected route.

Your pass is only valid for using the service from the source to destination stops mentioned in your bus pass. If you want to travel on a different route, you have to pay for the extra way.

Last Date For Bmtc Bus Pass 2022

As per the information available on the website, students can make their bus pass till 28 February 2022.

It is not an official announcement from the BMTC department but as per Last year records, the last date for bmtc bus pass 2022 will be around 28 Feb 2022.

Documents Required for Monthly Bus Pass

List of documents that is mandatory for making bmtc pass are share below:

  • Address Proof.
  • Identity Proof.
  • Institutional Fee receipt.
  • Recent Passport size Photograph.
  • Previous bus pass (In case of Bmtc Bus Pass Renewal And Appointment Process)

Bmtc Monthly Pass Online Procedure

BMTC smart bus pass card is a unique card where student names and photographs are available. Every bus pass has a different application number written on the receipt and the individual electronic bar code.

The barcode on the pass has all the information of the person related to the person's source and destination. It includes all the necessary information in it like:

  • Name of the Person
  • Age
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Source Point
  • Destination Point
  • The validity of the card.
  • Contact Details

You have to just follow some of the basic steps which are mentioned below:

Students or the people who don't already have a pass or who's pass validity is expired.

You are also eligible for the new bus pass if your old bus pass is lost or damaged. Now you have to go through with the process again to create a new bus pass.

Follow the below steps:

  • You have first to Open your browser and type BMTC bus pass.
  • Once you have clicked on the link, it will redirect you to the official website.
  • Look for the Student Pass option on the homepage & click on it.
  • Under "Apply for New Student pass," Click on any of the options see below
    • Up to 10th (State)
    • PUC
    • Degree/Professional/Technical/Medical/Evening/PhD
    • Special Schools
    • Institutions
  • The Next Step is to enter from any options like SAT/PU enrollment no or State board admission number. Both the numbers should be unique; otherwise, you will face problems forward.
  • If you don't have your admission number or if you have forgotten your admission number, you can request a new one at your institution.
  • Enter your Institution details like school/ college/ In Which Year you are/ Etc.
  • Once you have entered all the information correctly, you will receive OTP (One-time password) on your registered Mobile number or Email address.
  • Now your application is successfully submit.

After submitting the name, father's name, date of birth, and other information, your recent photo will have to be uploaded on the portal.

  • The PIN code, email, and mobile number is mandatory, and all the information shared should be correct and up to date about the pass, and details will be shared with BMTC.

How to apply for monthly pass through Chalo App

  • You have to open the play store on your device and search for the Chalo app.
  • Once you have open the Chalo App
  • Now you have to just go through with all the basic details and login into your app.
  • After this, you have to just search for your region or area and there you see a different type of pass.
  • After you have to enter your mobile number
  • Then you have to select the pass from the options like below:
    • General
    • Student
    • Senior citizen
    • Disable
  • Next, you have to choose a Starting date and click next.
  • Now you have to enter details like name, date of birth, gender etc.
  • Upload documents like Aadhar card or any identity proof document.
  • Finally, you have to click on proceed to make the payment.
  • You will get an option that is you can buy online or by cash
  • After that, you will get a QR code on your mobile which is your latest monthly pass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bmtc monthly pass rate and counters

There is a concession for the student's bus pass to use the service within the specific route.
Cost of vajra pass is 3350
Monthly pass with BMTC ID: Cost is 2250
Volvo monthly pass with government ID:  Cost is 2300
Student Volvo monthly pass:  Cost is 1500
Pushpak pass: 925

Senior citizen monthly bus pass

Bus Passes is actually a popular alternative for Bangalore senior citizens travelling on public transport. There are some facilities available for senior citizens like wheelchair & support on the reserved bus seats. Senior citizen monthly bus passes are available at the nearest BMTC bus depot.

Can a coaching going student get the BMTC student bus pass?

No, To get a pass you should be a student of a well-recognized govt or private school or college or some of the other govt institution. But for coaching going student, you have to apply for a normal pass.

How much money for BMTC student bus pass for a month?

Below you can find the list of rates for corresponding passes.

BMTC monthly pass

What is the process to apply online pass?

The govt. has launched many essential things for the benefit of the people. Similarly, there is an option to get pass online on the official website.
You have to type or visit https://www.mybmtc.karnataka.gov.in/. There you can see an option Online Pass. Click on it and follow the next instructions.

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