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Bmtc Bus Station - What is the role of TTMC in BMTC 2022

As per Tourist attractions, Bangalore is the perfect place to explore. Bangalore, which is now known as Bengaluru, is the third most visited city by tourists. From Silicon Valley (India's planned It hub) to a city of amazing sunsets, you will get a pleasant environment throughout the year. 

Bangalore is the home for 8 billion people, making it the largest city in Karnataka. In terms of transportation, you will get all the types of transportation here like by air, roads, metro. 

Kempegowda International Airport is the largest airport in Bangalore, which has connecting flights from the entire globe. Another International airport in Karnataka state is Mangalore, where you will get a direct flight to Bangalore. 

Additionally, you will get six domestic airports and three private airports in Karnataka. Bangalore Metro is also termed as namma metro rail. Namma Metro is 43km long, covering the entire city of Bangalore from north to south and east to west. The government of Karnataka is planning to extend it to other various locations by 2022.

Karnataka state is connected to 29 national highways, which means you will get direct road transportation from different countries. There is Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation within the city, which is the only primary road transport in the city.

Let us check what kind of facility we will get in bmtc stations and what TTMC is doing to improve it.

What is TTMC (Traffic Transit Management Centers)?

What is TTMC (Traffic Transit Management Centers)?

The full form of TTMC is Traffic Transit Management Centers. TTMC are the places within the bus station where passengers can use it for their needs. Like when you visit bmtc station near you, you will see the stalls, parks, buildings, sitting areas, etc., all come under TTMC. 

The main purpose of TTMC is to give benefits to the passengers. 

  1. TTMC builds and maintains the infrastructure of the bus station.
  2. Controls the congestions on the main roads.
  3. Provides all road transport-related facilities to the passengers.
  4. Check the vehicle's health and control the services of the vehicle. 
  5. Manage the parking areas near the bus stops.
  6. TTMC controls all the hygiene and cleanliness.
  7. TTMC runs health, financial, private, and government services within the bus station.

What is the need for Bmtc Bus Station?

need for Bmtc Bus Station

As we all know, without a family home is just four walls only. Similarly, without TTMC BMTC bus station is only a piece of land. It works on that piece of land and makes it operational for the people. 

TTMC provides all the facilities you are getting from ATM to water cooler. TTMC helps to improve the transportation of the public and encourages people to use road transport. 

In terms of social and economical, all the centers and the room available for the officers to do the service within the bmtc bus station is managed by TTMC.

Inquiry offices, Ticket counters, electricity, water bill, security are under TTMC Departement.

The bus station Authority (RTA) uses modern technology like automatic voice control devices, announcements of the next bus stop, live recording cameras in the bus for passengers' safety.

Now, you will understand the benefits of TTMC; apart from the piece of land, all the things are developed and constructed by TTMC.

Difference Between Bus station vs Bus Stop?

The bus station is a hub from which all the bus stops are connected. A bus station is a place where all the operations related to transport are carried out. In comparison, a Bus stop is a place where people used to wait for their bus.

Both the bus station and bus stop come under TTMC. You will get different routes of buses from the bus station, but at the bus stop, you will get the same bus for the same route. 

Every bus starts from one bus station, covers all the in-between bus stops, and reaches another bus station. 

Currently, Bmtc has two major bus stations in the Bangalore region, discussed in the below section. 

Bmtc Major Bus Stations

Kempegowda Bus Station and Shivajinagar are the only two major bus stations in Bangalore. Major bus stations are the largest bus stands where you will get a bus to all the different areas. 

Just like a country has a capital, which is the center of the country. In the same manner, the major bus station is the center of all the stations. All the higher authority officers that manage the Bmtc are operational in major bus stations.

  • Kempegowda Bus Station
  • Shivajinagar

All the major bmtc bus stations have modern means of facilities linking Bangalore with other states.

All the bmtc bus routes, bmtc bus timings is manage within the major bus station.

List of All Bmtc Bus Depot

You can easily recognize the difference between a major and a normal bus station. Apart from major bus stations, there are 27 other bmtc bus depots. 

And the government of Karnataka is planning to increase the number of substations as per people's demands. 

By expanding the road network connectivity with the other regions of the city, bmtc will have 35+ stations by the end of 2022.

The list of all working bmtc bus depot are:

List of All Bmtc Bus station Depot

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