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BMTC Airport Bus Timings | Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation 2022

As Per Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) latest updates, Govt. decided to change or update the airport bus timings for BMTC buses 2022. BMTC is one of the largest government bus services provider in the southern part of the country. It connects the entire state of Karnataka with a vast bus services network. 

As we all know, bus services are the most common transportation used by a middle-class family to do day-to-day tasks, jobs, or travel around the city. Many people use the government and private bus services to explore the town or cover the distance from one point to another. It may sometimes be costly, but if you are a daily passenger, you can opt for BMTC monthly bus pass and save your hard money.

Bus service is always essential for the state to maintain its state economy. Apart from the economy, daily passengers are also giving their helping hands to save energy and resources and reducing the carbon exists in the environment.

Bangalore Airport Bus Service

The bmtc airport bus service and Vayu Vajra bus service provide the safest and clean transport facilities to all the passengers. If you are using the Bangalore airport bus to travel from one destination to another instead of a private taxi, you contribute your time, money, and efforts to the government. 

The favorite part of mine while using the airport bus at night is taking a short nap between the journey while some other professional person does the driving.

All the Vayu-vajra night bus services are very efficient and inexpensive for an average person to travel from airport to destination. You will get both the options AC bus service as well as Non-Ac bus at Kempegowda International Airport.

Kempegowda International Airport Bus Features

There are plenty of features added to the Bangalore airport bus to make it different from a regular bmtc bus. All the features share below are based on what I feel when I have traveled to the Kempegowda International Airport at night.


In terms of comfort, the seats are very comfortable to get a luxury feeling while traveling. The leg space between the seats and headroom is good enough.


I have a flight from Bangalore to New Delhi around 3:00 am & no cabs are available at those moments. Also, some of the private Taxi drivers were demanding a huge amount for a ride. Later, I decided to go with the Vayu-Vajra bus service, and in terms of safety, I was the only passenger on the bus. At that time, I felt so relaxed and safe & hoping that the bus will reach the airport on time.


The built quality of the bus is excellent, well managed. The exterior and the interior of the bus is quite impressive. The night light of the bus is adding stars to its interiors. The bus design is quite remarkable so that it is easy to manage, handle, and maintain during the bus service.

Some other Features

Some of the other cool features are electrical doors, handlebars, emergency exit, fire-extinguisher, seats for wheel-chair person adding additional marks to the Kempegowda International bus.

BMTC Airport Bus Timings

You can check Bangalore airport bus timings from your place using two ways i.e; through Bus stops near you or by Bus Route number. I am going to share a link below from where you can check the details. Additionally, you will also get to know the following information from the website.

  1. Bus number
  2. Origin station
  3. Destination
  4. Arrival and departure timings
  5. Fare
  6. Distance
  7. No; of Stops

Bangalore Airport Intercity Bus Service - Flybus

Flybus is a service offered by the KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation). It allows the passengers to travel from the BLR airport to other connected cities of the Karnataka and some other states also.

Through Flybus you will get luxury travelling experience from Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru. It is loaded with many features like a tracking device and fire management system.

Flybus is a Volvo MultiAxle I-Shift Luxury bus that includes a restroom facility for the people who travel a long-distance trip. No doubt the cost of the flybus is too expensive for a normal person but if you want to enjoy your trip and make it memorable then you have to book an online ticket.

Intercity Flybus timing

  1. Origin Station: Mysuru
  2. Destination: Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru

The first Flybus starts from Mysuru bus stand around 01:00 am at night and reach Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru around 05:00 am early morning.

Departure TimeArrival Time

BMTC Airport Taxi

Bangalore Airport taxi is very easy for boarding through offline or online mode. This results in time and efforts saving and prevent from the hassle free travel during this pandemic.

Cab driver does not need to stop at all the bus stop and does not worry about getting passengers. It only follow your instructions and stops to the destination. Through the use of App based taxi like Uber & Ola there has been a drastically change in the transport facilities.

The prices of both the taxi will vary as per your negotiations skills. In case you have negotiation power then you could get a better deal at a good price. If we talk about offline Taxi the prices should vary from 19rs/Km to 14rs/Km.

Bangalore Non-AC Airport Taxi Price

Type Of ChargesMinimum farefare per Km
Hire Charges₹ 70/- (4km)₹ 14.50 per km
Waiting ChargesFREE (first 20 minutes) ₹ 12 (per 15 minutes)
LuggageFREE (first 120 kgs)₹ 7 (every 20kgs)
Charges at night (12am - 6am) - 10-15% on the above fare

Bangalore AC Taxi Price

Type Of ChargesMinimum farefare per Km
Hire₹ 80/- (4km)₹ 19.50 per km
WaitingFREE (first 20 minutes) ₹ 10 per 15minute
LuggageFREE (first 120 kgs)₹ 5 every 20kgs
Night Charges(12am - 6am) - 10% on the above fare

For the App based Taxi you can Install Uber or Ola depending on your choice. I personally use Ola whenever I travel in Bangalore because the price is less and good as compare to Uber.

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