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How to Recharge Bmrcl Smart Card and Check Balance Online.

Bmrcl smart card is not only a rectangular piece of plastic, but it is more than that. The Token bar code tickets you get at the counter are also bmrcl smart card tickets. 

Nowadays, everyone uses smart cards in their life, from their normal sim card to contactless credit cards. Technology evolves day by day, and a new thing is invented every hour. 

The word "Smart" given to this bmrcl card is perfect as it automatically understands the transaction done through the device to a contactless machine. 

You may have seen a balance check machine at bmrcl, where you don't have to enter any namma metro card number. You have to place your smart card in the perfect place, and the machine automatically reads it.

This is the way how bmrcl smart cards work at metro stations.

Bmrcl (Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation Limited)

The bmrcl (Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation Limited) started in 2011 and took almost eight years to reach 450000 daily passengers.

It isn't easy to create 450000+ tickets for an individual passenger using the namma metro service. That's the reason the government of Karnataka decided to launch a bmrcl smart card.

Bmrcl, which is also termed as namma metro, is the backbone of Bangalore in terms of transportation. Regular daily, commuters use the Green and Pink line metro to reach their office and home. 

The daily passengers are taking the most benefits of this smart card. As it is very simple to operate and you don't require additional knowledge to use a namma metro card. 

You have first to check the balance of the bmrcl card and then tap on the entry gate. Now you can take your metro to reach your destination and again tap on the exit gate. 

The only thing you have to check is your card must have a minimum balance; otherwise, Bangalore metro will not allow you to enter the station.

What is a Bmrcl Smart card?

What is a Bmrcl Smart card?

Bmrcl card is a smart card that passengers carry to contact less transaction at the entry and exit gate. 

In other words, it is travel money that a person carries in the virtual form, which is used to travel from one metro station to another.

Apart from this, a person can also take a ticket from the counter in the form of tokens. Individuals can buy a maximum of 6 tickets with them. If you don't want to buy it from the counter, you can also get it through the official website of Namma metro tickets.

Currently, there are four types of smart cards available in the bmrcl.

  1. Varshik
  2. Sanchar
  3. Saral
  4. Saraag


Varshik is a regular usage smart card that you carry for daily travel. The validity of varshik smart cards is only valid for 365 days. You will get an additional 15% discount whenever you use this card for travel.

You can easily buy it from the counter at the metro station in 100rs, and the minimum and maximum Top-up value for this card are 50₹ - 1500₹.


If you don't use bmrcl for your daily work and enjoy the weekends, you can buy a Sanchar smart card. Sanchar card is for the people who travel as per several trips. You can buy this card for 10, 40, 50, and 100 visits. Once the number of trips is complete, you have to renew it again.


If you plan to travel or explore Bangalore, then this is the best ticket for you. You will get a combination of the metro and a bmtc bus pass with a saral smart card. It costs you around 70₹ and allows you to travel in metro and normal bmtc bus for a day. The validity of the saral card is only for a single day till mid-night.


This is the last type of bmrcl smart card, which is quite similar to saral. The only difference is you can travel on the Ac bus and the metro. The cost of saraag is around 110₹. 

How to buy a bmrcl smart card?


The process of buying a bmrcl smart card is very easy. You can buy it from any of the metro station ticket counters. Follow the below process:

  • Visit the nearest metro station.
  • At the helpdesk, ask for a smart card.
  • They will ask you for the amount you need on your card.
  • Pay the total amount(card + fees).
  • Collect the card from the counter.

Once you get a card, make sure to check it on an automatic EVM machine. It will show you the remaining amount on your card and the validity of the card.

Bmrcl smart card online recharge

Recharge Bmrcl Smart Card

At present, there are various ways through which you can recharge your bmrcl smart card either by phonepe, google pay, UPI, or through the official top-up website.

Top-up from Namma metro official website

To recharge your smart card through the website, you have to follow some steps:

  • Open your browser and type webtopup.bmrc.co.in.
  • It will redirect you to an official website.
  • Here you have to look for Quick Top-up.
  • A pop-up will appear, and click on the Ok button.
  • Next, a new window will appear where you have to enter your card details like:
    • Engraved ID
    • Amount Value
    • Email Id
    • Mobile Number
    • Name
    • Solve Captcha
  • After that, click on the Next button.
  • Now, you have to select your payment option.
  • At last, complete your payment.

Recharge using mobile App

If you find doing recharge through a website is more haptic, you can opt for mobile apps. Phonepe, google pay, Paytm, freecharge are some apps you can easily top-up your bmrcl smart card. 

I am showing the steps for Paytmthe App, and the measures for other apps are quite similar.

  • Login to your Paytm account.
  • Click on the metro option from the list.
  • Select Bengaluru metro, and type should be smart card recharge.
  • Enter your card number and the Top-up amount. (Top-up value should be in between 50₹ -1500₹).
  • Next, select the payment option and proceed with the transaction.

How to Recharge Smart card on metro station counter

If you are not familiar with any methods, you can choose the recharge through the counter desk. 

Here, you have to tell the executive on the counter that you want to recharge your card. He will ask you for the amount and the card details. Share your metro card details and the amount with him, and he will recharge your card through the system. 

Check the balance on the bmrcl metro card.

Recharge Bmrcl Smart Card

Many people do online recharge, and the amount is not reflected in their card. If you have done the recharge within a few minutes, you have to wait for at least 1 hour to show in your card.

You will find EVM machines near the Ticket counter to check the balance on your card in every metro station.

You have to place your bmrcl smart card near the Balance checking machine and select the last transaction option.

It will show you the last transaction done on your card and the remaining balance.

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