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How to Apply for Advertisement on BMTC bus and cost for advertisement

Advertisement is the perfect way through which you can attract many customers. With the help of advertisement on Bmtc bus, people are going to notice your product easily.

Nowadays, advertisements are all around, wherever you see you will find different and interesting ads trying to get attention from you. Every year thousands of companies spend millions of their revenue on advertising, expecting it to turn into business profit.

Last year Samsung advertised their flagship smartphone on the world tallest building Burj Khalifa for people's attention. Apple also uses the same technique to promote its product to the people.

The cost of advertisement on the Burj Khalifa is in millions, means the large organization like Samsung, apple spends millions to launch its products worldwide.

A good advertisement will turn your investment into profits. If you have the perfect way to advertise your product to the people, you will succeed in the advertisement.

The main purpose of the advertisement is to convince the audience to use your service or buy products from you. The types of advertisement that we used to enhance and improve our business services are known as business advertisements. At the same time, that attachment that we use for our brand, lifestyle, or to get attention is known as a non-business advertisement.

Later there are only a few ways to advertise your product to the people, but today, we have multiple platforms where we can show our ads like Facebook, Google ad words, search engines, billboards, train advertisement, bus advertisement. Some of them are effective for online promotions, whereas others are for offline markets advertisement.

Today in this post, we will focus on how you can do advertisement on BMTC bus and what charges we have to pay.

Advertisement on BMTC Bus

To advertise on a bmtc bus, you need to think of some eye-catching ideas. As people only see the bus advertisement for a few minutes, if it is not eye-catching, people will lose interest in the ads.

To create an eye-catching advertisement, you can hire a web design professional who will design solid ads for you. Web designers are people who have years of experience to create interesting ads. They will also help you provide some powerful colour combinations to get people's attention.

Bmtc also provides you with the space on the bmtc bus to show ads for your business. You have to keep a few things in mind while publishing your ads publicly. Some of the key factors you have to work on like:

  1. What you want to convey to the audience.
  2. Type of product you want to sell.
  3. Which area you want to target.
  4. How much you want to spend on ads.
  5. How long do you want to advertise on a bmtc bus?

Once you have figure out all the above questions now, it is time to follow the steps:

Advertisement Cost on BMTC Buses

The cost of the advertisement depends on where you want to place your ads, like tail, left-right side of the bus, interior cards, or bus stops. 

At present, Bmtc has seven running agencies which offer multiple packages as per your requirements.

The range of the cost of advertisement varies from 274₹ to 18943₹ accordingly. You can refer to the below image for complete information. For more details, you can contact the official website on https://mybmtc.karnataka.gov.in/page/Contact+Us/en.

Advertisement on BMTC Bus

Steps to follow

  • First, you have to visit the bmtc website.
  • There you have to choose services from the menu.
  • Click on Advertisement and Filmy Contract Fare at the bottom of the list.
  • A new page will appear where you will get complete details.
  • There you can contact the officials or reach the nearest bmtc depot. 

Additionally, you will also get an option to shoot a film in a bmtc bus.

Film Shooting in BMTC Bus

You have seen some short's in the movie, where the director has to use public transport. Using public transport in the shooting will save your money and give a realistic view of the movie.

If you are planning to make a movie, then you can contact Bmtc officials for the assignment. The cost of shooting will vary from bus to bus.

The shooting in ordinary/ pushpak or midi bmtc buses will cost you 15000₹(60₹ per km for 250kms) where you have to pay a deposit of 15000₹, which is a refund amount.

The bmtc open bus (Cauvery bus) cost will be around 20000₹ and the same amount you have to deposit as a security, which is refundable.

The last type of bus you will get for the shooting is Vayu-vajra, which cost you around 25000₹. It is a Volvo bus with luxury cabins or seats.

Whichever type of bus you choose for your movie short's, you have to pay the same amount as a deposit.

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  1. Advertising on BMTC buses seems like a fantastic opportunity for brands to gain widespread exposure in the city! It's great to see public transport being utilized as an advertising platform, reaching a diverse and extensive audience. I'm curious to know more about the advertising options available and the success stories of businesses that have leveraged this advertising medium. Kudos to BMTC for offering such advertising opportunities, and I'm excited to explore how this avenue can boost brand awareness and engagement! - Bus branding in chennai - Eumaxindia