My Bmtc Mobile App Latest Features Explained In Details 2021

Bmtc has launched its new official My bmtc app. Bmtc Mobile App is available on Play Store as well as the App Store. Here we have discussed all the features in details.

For the people who love to travel or who are Travelling became a part of life. In such a case nobody wants to wait for their mode of transport. Here I have my bmtc app for all the people who travel in Bangalore or people who used to visit Bangalore.

MyBmtc App

My Bmtc App is an official app launched by the government of Bangalore. This app gives you various features that will help in your daily routine. so let us talk about bmtc app. This bmtc app is available for both the platform that is Android and Ios. If you are an Android user then you can download the app from the play store.

How to download bmtc app from play store:

  • Firstly, You have to open the play store in your device.
  • Then you have to search for My bmtc App.
  • There you will see a number of the application then you have to click on the official app as shown below.
  • At last, you have to click on install and finally, the app is going to be installed in your device.

How to download bmtc app from Appstore(IOS)

  • Downloading an app from Appstore is similar to that of downloading from play store.
  • Here you have to open Appstore in your device.
  • Then search for My bmtc App.
  • Just like play store, you will see several applications.
  • Now you have to select the right Application as shown below.
  • Finally, click on download and enjoy the services.

How to use My Bmtc Mobile App

Now you have downloaded Application in your device so now I am going to share some tips to use bmtc app. It provides real-time information and live tracking of bmtc buses. The home screen or the welcome screen of the app has 4 major features.

  1. Locate buses on the route
  2. Locate buses near stops
  3. Buses arriving at bus stand and airport
  4. Trip planner

You can also get an option of language at the footer or the end of the screen. Currently, you can only choose a language from the two option that is:

  1. English
  2. Kannada

Locate buses on a route in Bmtc mobile App:

This feature is most important if you are latecomers or if you are punctual. You can use Locate buses on route option to track the live bus on the road. You can even check the last bus stop or the coming bus stop with the accurate timings.

How to use Locate buses on route option:

First of all, you have to enter the route number. There you can see a list of routes similar to the route number you entered.

After selecting the bus route number you have to click on Get Bus option at the end of the screen.

You will get Two option between the source and the destination.

  • Show buses on Map
  • List buses

List buses Option: Here you can see bus number, Last bus stop, vehicle number, Service Provider, bus timing.

To get en estimate time of arrival you have to choose the stop. This will reflect the exact timing of bus arrival.

If the bus is near the stop it will show “Near the Stop” otherwise it will show the estimated time.

If you click on the option listed in the app it will show the exact place where the bus is and when it will reach your stop.

Show buses on Map

This option is used if you want to know the exact map location from your source to the destination. You will get several buses listing between your source and the destination you can choose the boarding point and after that, you will get all the buses available on the route approaching the stop.

Click on the bus and after that, you can see the estimated time of arrival and you will also get the registration number of the bus also get an option to add the route to the favourite list

Favourite: if you travel from one point to the other point on the daily basis so you can add this route in your favourite list so you don’t have to add again and again whenever you just click on your favourite list you will be able to see the same route so you don’t have to add it manually.

Locate Bus Near Stop

This option is very beneficial if you know the stop so you can add the stop by entering the three first letter of the top and it will show the list of the stop starting from that initial letters. when you add the bus stop then you able to see all the number of buses approaching the stop with the estimated time of arrival and registration number off the bus.

Trip Planner

Trip planner in BMTC mobile app is used in such a case when you don’t know the nearest bus stop and you don’t even know the timing of any bus so trip planar is helping you to locate all the buses where you are travelling and show the nearest bus stop you have to click on trip planner option after that you have to enter from where you want to start your trip and the next section you have to enter where you want to go so

After that, the trip planner locate all the bus is approaching the stop with the estimated time of arrival

Buses Arriving At Bus Stand/Airport

Here in buses arriving at bus stand airport, you have to select the best and where you want to go to the airport once you choose the bus stop you will be able to see the two option after that your window will be redirect to a website which shows the platform number route number vehicle number destination we are places and the last bus crossed.


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