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BMTC Bus Pass Application Form for Students 2022 [Updated Information]

Students are the future of tomorrow, and we all have to support the students for their careers. As per the same concept today, we are here to provide detailed information for Bmtc Bus pass Application form 2022.

In this post, we will discuss each section, starting from Basic information to submission of the document.

It is straightforward to get an application form from a local depot. Another option is to download it from the official website below as an application form is necessary for moving forward.

If you want to see a demo of the bus pass application form 2022, refer to this image.

How to Fill BMTC Bus Pass Application Form 2022

bmtc bus pass application form
Bmtc Bus pass Application

To avoid crowds across the bus pass depot, the government started the application services online, which is another crucial decision during this pandemic. The Bmtc Government is also planning to start door to door services for the students and distribute bus pass application form.

A few days ago, the government started its online services to fill up the application form 2022. Since then, there is a massive response from the students. As a result, you may see some time server down errors on the website. As per the officials, the application form submitted this year is 10% more than the previous year.

There is a concession for the application form for all the students as they can use their last year of a bus pass for a few days before renewal of the previous access. Forms are also available offline to all the depots; students can collect the offline form if they are not familiar with the online system.

This means you can either submit the application form to the nearest bus station or submit to the website through online mode.

To begin with the form, you must have all the documents with you like your Adhaar card, institution fee receipt, admission receipt, caste certificate (not applicable for General category), and current address proof.

We will discuss the Application form under four important sections, namely:

  • Basic Information
  • Travel Route Information
  • Important Documents
  • Some Terms & Conditions

Applicant Details

Here you have to enter all your details like your admission number (which is given to you during the admission process or find it under your receipt). Next, Enter your Date of birth, Your Full name under the Student name section, Gender & enter your parent’s names.

If you are from a general category, you have to leave the caste option empty other wise select your caste, and in the next box, you have to enter your certificate number. Now you have to enter your institution type and address. At last, enter your details in the field and shift to travel route details.

bmtc bus pass application form

Travel Route Information

As the name suggests here, you have to enter your travel information, like where you want to start your journey and your destination. You also get an option to select your intermediate stop.

Click on the Nearest Boarding Points option, and it will show all the stations, select the station nearest to your location.

In the Drop Option, you have to select your school, college, or institution bus stop.

travel route information

Documents Details

The document section is an important section for the application form. Because here, you have to submit all your relevant documents. In the first option, you have to upload your recent passport size photograph with white background.

Next, you have to upload your school/ college/ institution Fee Receipt as proof. Make sure your Fee receipt must contain an admission number followed by your name.

All the images should be in JPG or PNG format. The size of the image should not greater than one MB.


BMTC Bus Pass Application Form Terms & conditions

There are some Terms and condition you must be aware of before applying for a Bmtc bus pass application form 2022 like:

  • All the information provided by you is correct and up to date.
  • The source and the destination in the travel route section are correct and near to my institutions.
  • This pass is only applicable to travel from my residence to my educational institution, and I am only using it for my education purpose.
  • I am a regular student of my institution, and I have not to take a correspondence course, which is not applicable for Bus pass.
bmtc bus pass application form

Most Asked Question:

Q1. Bmtc Online Application Form website is showing “Requested page is unavailable”

Solution: There may be an extra load on the website due to this the website is showing requested page is unavailable. Try to access after few minutes hope your issue will be resolved or there must be a chance that government has taken down its online website for form submission.BMTC website Requested page is unavailable

Q2. How much Time it will take to resolve the issue?

Solution: It is totally depends on the server, how much traffic it may handle. In my case I have submitted the application form in the early morning around 5 am, you can also try it.

Q3. Is Bmtc bus pass is only available for Karnataka students?

Solution: As the Bmtc pass is only for the citizens of Karnataka, but a non-Karnataka student can apply for the bus pass if his/her correspondence address is in Karnataka. You can use your guardian address situated in Karnataka.

Q4: When is the last date for my Bmtc online application?

Solution: As there is no such information available on the official website, you can contact on Bmtc helpline number; please contact: 080-22483777

Hope now you know how to fill Bmtc bus pass application form 2022 by yourself. If you still have any doubt or need more information. Feel free to contact us or comment below we are always ready to help.

24 thoughts on “BMTC Bus Pass Application Form for Students 2022 [Updated Information]”

  1. What to do if I wrongly filled bus route, can I reapply form after final submission

    1. Hi Shabana, as you have entered the wrong bus route, you can wait for your appointment date and ask the officer to update the correct bus route.

    2. Rahul R Nayak

      My bmtc student bus card is printed I have not entered via 1 and via 2 so please help me

      1. Hi Rahul R Nayak, As your bus pass is already printed so, we can’t do anything online. Now oyu have to follow the offline process and visit your nearest BMTC depot with your new pass.

        1. Rahul R Nayak

          When can I get bmtc edit bus pass application form I mean date when they will issue.please reply

          1. Rahul R Nayak

            Please tell how to do I have not entered via 1 and via 2 and bus card is printed so please tell what to do next????????

  2. Hello bmtc please reply….Why Am I not getting otp for scheduling appointment to collect bus pass?

    1. Hi Namitha, As I can understand you are not getting OTP on your mobile number. There must be some technical problem in backend. Our Team is continuously working on it and you will get a information on official website ASAP.

  3. Sir after applying online I have taken seal from college now can I schedule appointment ?

    1. Hi Sandeep, As there is no official information available on the website. In 2020, the last date for issuing pass is end of February month.

  4. Hi BMTC, is there a deadline for applying for the pass. I’m not receiving an OTP after filling the form.

    1. Hi Ashutosh, There is no information available on the Bmtc website, when will be the last date for Bmtc bus pass 2021. Some of the website have information on their blog post but no one knows for sure what is the last date.

      According to the year 2019, the last date is 31’st March 2021.

  5. guptha shree

    i am not getting appointment as the slots are filled,when should i collect my pass i am waiting for the date from past 1 month

  6. Hello, when im trying to apply online it is saying “academic year not open” and is not accepting my application (im studying 4th sem), any way to solve this issue? Or should i apply offline

    1. Hi Deeksha, As I can understand you are applying in the month of April, that is why you are getting this error message “academic year not open”. You can try to apply through Seva sindhu portal or visit your nearest Bangalore One Service Centers.

    1. Hi Riyaa, There are no information available on the Bmtc website, when will be the last date for bmtc bus pass 2021. Some of the website have information on thier blog post but no one knows for sure what is the last date.

      According to the year 2019, the last date is 31’st March 2021. You can also contact BMTC using this form

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