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How Can I Get BMTC Daily Pass Online | Easy Step By Step Tutorial 2021?

Are you a daily passenger of BMTC? Then this article would be a budget-saving post for you. You can save half of your amount that you use today through Bmtc daily pass 2021.

Today we will share some of the points on BMTC daily pass and the cost of a pass. Steps to get it online and what I have done when I have applied for my BMTC pass online.

As we all know, there are 80-90% of the middle-class people use daily transport for their work. And money is an important part, especially if we are in the private sector. Bmtc daily pass is a way through which you can save your time as well as some amount.

How to Get Bmtc Daily pass:

No doubt, Bangalore is a beautiful city. If you plan to explore Bangalore, then the daily bus pass issued by BMTC buses is an excellent option because BMTC offers you unlimited travelling or limitless travelling throughout the day.

Buses are always a great option if you travel in a group and explore the city together with your friends. Hence, these buses allow you to explore all of the local sightseeing you can’t study in any other transport mode.

You can explore the whole city or the entire city using a single bus pass, and BMTC daily pass is valid for 24 hours or end of the day.

Types of Bmtc Daily Pass:

BMTC Daily Pass Online
Types of Bmtc Daily Pass

BMTC daily pass is categorised into two different types: Ordinary day pass and another is vajra gold day pass.

These both the passes are issued by the conductor on duty in BMTC bus. To get this pass, you must have any photo ID card or any Identity card issued by the government.

Ordinary Day Pass

Ordinary day passes limitless travelling in Bangalore buses from the source to the destination throughout one day from 12 to 12 hours.

Through this pass, you can only travel in all non AC bus and the cost of an ordinary day pass is 70 rupees including GST.

Vajra Gold Day Pass

Vajra gold day pass it also gives you limitless travelling in all the buses from the source to the destination for one day that is for 24 hours and through this pass you can also travel in an AC bus except Vayu Vajra and Bangalore rounds.

The cost of vajra gold day pass is 140 rupees + 7 rupee GST, and the total cost for the pass is 147 rupee.

All the citizens can get these passes as these passes don’t require any Bmtc ID Card you only needed one valid ID proof.

How to get BMTC day pass online:

Currently, BMTC doesn’t have a facility to issue day Pass online. BMTC also started their services to provide online bus pass using Phonepe app, but it doesn’t last long.

Now there is the only way to get a bmtc daily bus pass is through the conductor on the regular bus which cost 70 rupees and in Volvo bus, it will cost 150 rupees.

Below I have listed one of the websites I used to get Bmtc day Pass online you can also check this website, and through this website, you can only get a vajra day pass.

Bmtc Namma Pass

Bmtc Namma pass is a platform where you can get a digital signed bmtc daily pass. Through this platform, you can use your smartphone to book a bus ticket on your own. 

You only have to visit the official website mention below or type in your browser. 

Once you open the website, you will get two interfaces; the first one is a Vajra day pass, and another is Show pass.

Buy Vajra Day Pass

In the Vajra day pass, you can make a daily bus pass. You have to enter some necessary details. When you click on vajra day pass there, you will be able to see a window where you have to enter personal information like:

  1. Name
  2. Gender
  3. Mobile number
  4. ID card type (The type of card you must carry are Aadhar card pan card driving licence voter ID card)
  5. ID card number

And at last, you have to click on pay rupees 147.

Show Pass

This is another option available on Bmtc namma pass website. You have to use this option to show pass to the conductor or the checking officer on demand.

To show a bus pass, you have to enter your mobile number (Registered mobile number) and Pin code. Pin code is a number that you receive on your mobile number during the registration process. 

If you don’t remember your pin, code doesn’t worry there also an option to reset the pin code or generate a new code.

Senior Citizens Bus Pass Concession 

Senior Citizens Bus Pass Concession
Senior Citizens Bus Pass Concession

There is a concession of 25-30% pass cost for the senior citizens aged 60 or above. To get this facility, a person must have a valid government-approved old citizen document. 

The document can be adhaar card, driving licence, voting card or other government ID card with DOB mention in DD/MM/YYYY format. This facility is available for all type of government bus like Vayu-vajra, AC-Non AC bus, Etc.

Note: Daily pass holder must contain pass during travelling in the bus & show to the conductor/driver or checking officer on demand.

Bmtc also offer bus pass for physically challenged person or blind person. The government has fixed the amount for the blind person that you can check on: GSO No. 779/2016 dated 20-12-2016.

Hope you like this post and if you have any query related to BMTC Daily Pass Online, comment below.

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