Bmtc Bus Mobile App

Bmtc Bus Mobile App | New Update Launched With Amazing Features

Hello guys, Today, I will share a new update on the Bmtc bus app that is Bengaluru Government recently launched its first official Bmtc bus app, i.e., MyBmtc App.

Due to technology, everyone is stuck in their smartphone. Almost 70% – 80% of the population in the country are using a smartphone. Every day hundreds of new applications are created and downloaded from the app store. 

That is why the Government of Karnataka has launched Bmtc mobile app to help people in today’s digital world. Bmtc Mobile app has a very user-friendly interface, where people of all age groups can easily use it. 

Launching of the Bmtc official app helps people check the live status of buses, bus timings, bus pass rate, and many more. 

Bmtc Bus Mobile App

This app has many features. We are going to discuss all the fantastic things step by step. This app’s benefit is that you can track the bus online and check the timings to reach your bus stop. Other features that we are going to discuss in this post are mention below:

  • Bmtc bus app download
  • Bus timings app
  • bmtc bus new app
  • my bmtc bus app
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You can also check the nearest bmtc bus stand using this application. This app is far better than the old bmtc app.

Apart from all these useful features, bmtc official app also provides benefits like: 

  • Save the time of people.
  • 24×7 bus service information available.
  • Check bus route

I am also using this app for the last few weeks, and the accuracy is excellent. You don’t have to worry about anything when the bus will come and all other things. You have only to open this app and choose your starting point and select your ending point, and there you will be able to see where is your bus at that time live on your device.

This app is beneficial if you are in Bengaluru or if you travel to Bangaluru. This Bmtc new app is currently available only for android users, and developers keep on doing to launch it for ios. To use this app, you have to download it from Playstore or any official website.

Steps To Download App on your Device:

Steps To Download App on your Device
  • As you all know that currently, it is only works on android mobile devices.
  • You have first to open the play store on your mobile or Click here to Download Directly.
  • After that, you have to search for Mybmtc App.
  • There you will be able to see a result like below
  • Bmtc app download
  • Then you have to install the app on your device.
  • Finally, You’re my bmtc bus app is installed on your device.
  • Now open it and do the necessary registration.

My Bmtc App

Once you open this app, then you will be able to see a common interface. The interface is divided into three sections header, body, and footer.

In the header section, you will get an option to select the source point. bmtc mobile app source point can be chosen in many ways, like using your location or entering your nearest place. The destination is where you want to reach or the area you want to travel.

In the next section, i.e., the app’s body, it represents the nearest bus stop from your location. This is so much accurate that it even shows the exact distance in meters. 

This option is very beneficial for people who are new to a place. Once you see the nearest Bmtc bus stop, you can click on it, and it will redirect you to google maps, where you can get exact directions.

Features of MyBMTC App

These features help me a lot to find the nearest bmtc bus stop. You can also click on the more section to find more stops nearby. This also includes the number of bus stops at that bus stop, and it also shows the live tracking of that particular bus with the exact timings.

Footer is the last section of this app. The footer section of this app contains some of the non-useful pieces of copyright and the logo.

How to use the Bmtc bus app (my BMTC app):

I will show how to use the bmtc bus app using the example to suppose I am at my home and want to travel to majestic. Then I am going to enter majestic in the destination option. 

After that, I can check the nearest bus stop. I am getting at least three bus stop options, and it is sorted in terms of the shortest distance.

How to Check Live bus timings in-app

To find bmtc bus timings in-app, you have to select your starting and destination point. After that, you will be able to see all the nearest stop. 

You can choose any of the stops, and At last, you will be able to see the bus’s timings and how much time does a bus need to reach your destination. 

This is the exact time a bus came and if you want to see the bus’s live location, click on the timings, and the next window will show the bus’s live site.

This all is the primary option available in the app; apart from this feature, you can also check

  • Bus Number for a specific stop.
  • Bus timings to reach a place
  • Live location of the bus.
  • Can use a map in the app


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