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Lost Your Student BMTC Pass? How to Get a Duplicate Online 2024

Lost Your Student BMTC Pass? How to Get a Duplicate Online 2024

The BMTC Student Pass is necessary for all the students in Bangalore as it helps them travel on buses affordably and easily. But somehow, if you lose this pass, it can cause lots of problems.

For instance, you might have to pay as a regular passenger for any bus rides which makes it difficult to go to school or college.

So, I am here to share my experience and guide you with what you have to do when you lose your bus pass.

Losing the pass means you have to report it immediately and apply for a duplicate bus pass, which can take time and be a bit annoying.

Overall, losing your BMTC Student Pass can make your daily travel more difficult until you find it or get a new one.

First of all, guys, you don't have to panic and not take tension about it. Try to remember any of the places where you lost the pass. Check your pockets, bags, or places you visited recently to see if you misplaced the pass.

Bmtc Pass Lost and Found

If nothing works, then you have to contact BMTC immediately after realising your pass is lost. Share all the necessary details like your pass number, your name, and any other information.

Next, inform the BMTC authorities about when and where you last used or saw your pass.

Follow the procedure recommended for reporting a lost pass, either online or by visiting their office in person.

  1. Use the "BCP e-lost report app" to file a complaint.
  2. It will send you an acknowledgment.
  3. Remember to take a printout of this acknowledgment
  4. Also, bring a photocopy of your college ID card along with half of your yearly pass fee.
  5. Write your application number on the acknowledgment receipt
  6. Then, head to the Majestic centre with these documents to get a duplicate pass.

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

There are some common mistakes a student makes when they lose their pass. 

When reporting a lost pass, make sure to avoid mistakes like providing incorrect details or forgetting essential information needed for the report.

If you share the wrong details or forget your smart card number can delay the process of getting a replacement pass, avoid actions like not carrying all the necessary documents or not following the process correctly.

How to make Duplicate BMTC Pass Online

If you don’t want to visit Bmtc offices, then you can follow this process. This is the most convenient way to make a duplicate pass for bmtc buses.

You can make it through an online process no need to visit any police station or any FIR.

All you need is Working Internet Connection and a smart device. Once you have all the things you are ready to go:
  • Open your browser and type for the BCP e-lost report app in the search bar.
  • Click on the link and it will redirect you to the play store.
  • There you have to grant all the permission to the app.
  • Click on the Install button.
  • It will install on your device and click on Open.
In case you are not able to find the above app you can also search for an e-document lost report app.

Lodge a Report in BCP e-lost App

Lodge a Report in BCP e-lost App

The Bengaluru Police is always introducing a new way to enhance the service for the citizens. This app came into existence due to the major problem in reporting Lost items.

The people don't know what to do and where they have to file a complaint, if they have lost their pass.

How to file Bus pass lost complain using App

  • Open the BCP e-lost report app on your device. You will see the interface like below.
  • Enter your Email Address or Mobile Number.
  • An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Once you have Login into the dashboard, click on the Register Lost report option.
  • Enter all the necessary details like
    • Personal Details
    • Place & Time
    • Lost Articles
  • After submitting you will receive a receipt and download it on your device.
  • Now You have successfully raised a complaint for BMTC Bus pass lost using mobile application.

Take a copy of this receipt and visit Majestic Bus station along with your photograph and photocopy of your college ID.

How to Write Bus pass lost Application

Just copy paste the complete email and update the necessary details and hit the send button.

Subject:- Application for BMTC Bus pass lost.

Respected Sir,

This is to inform you that I am "Your Name" student of "Your Institution Name". I lost my BMTC Bus pass this morning. The Smart card that was issued by Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation for daily travelling is lost by me. I had also visited the known area and searched it everywhere but could not find it.

Kindly Issue me a duplicate pass so that I can continue my studies without hassle.

Thank you in advance.


Your Name
School/College Name
Application Number
Present Date
Contact Number

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I do immediately after losing my student pass?
Right after losing your student pass, report it immediately to the authorities.

2. How long does it take to get a replacement pass?
If you have all the required details with you, The time to get a replacement pass is quick and fast.

3. Are there any fees associated with replacing a lost student pass?
There might be fees for replacing a lost student pass and getting a duplicate bus pass. The exact amount will depend on the types of pass you have.

4. What documents do I need to provide when reporting a lost pass?
When reporting a lost pass, make sure to provide details like the pass number and any other document for identity proof and address proof.

5. How much money do I have to Pay for Duplicate Pass?
If you have lost your daily pass and want to make a duplicate pass. Then you have to pay the fine i.e; the number of remaining months. Like if you have already used the pass for 8 months then you have to pay the amount for 3 months.

6. Do I have to File a Complaint in the Police Station?
Yes, You have to raise a complaint in the Police station only after getting acknowledgement receipt. you will be able to get a new bus pass. Apart from going to the Police station, you can also file an FIR using BCP E-Lost Report App.

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